How to get the most out of the internet, even if you’re an old-school computer nerd

The internet is great for making connections.

But when you’re a computer nerd, it can be frustrating to try and navigate the network of computers and websites you use every day.

So here are some of our favourite ways to get your online traffic to spike.


Follow some of your favourite bloggers.

These are the people you follow on social media and get your email updates from.

These will probably also be in your email inbox.2.

Use a tool like Buffer or Zapier to get a bunch of emails in one place.3.

Use Google Analytics to monitor the frequency of people clicking on links you put in your newsletters.

This will show you how often people click on your links.4.

Use the website that you are running your site from to monitor your traffic.5.

Get creative with your email marketing tactics.

Try using a variety of email templates and send different emails.6.

Make sure you’re tracking the people who click on links in your emails.7.

Use Buffer or Zoho to get an inbox full of your emails in a single place.8.

Keep a list of your favorite bloggers and follow them on Twitter.

You can use the same strategy with Google Analytics as well, and you’ll be able to see when people click, when they don’t and when they’re clicking on the link you sent them.9.

Find out what sites people are actually reading and bookmark it.10.

Try sending emails to your favourite influencers.

If you’ve got a social media following, they may be the ones you want to target.