Men’s magazines: How the #MeToo movement has been reshaping the industry

Men’s magazine sales dropped 2.8% last quarter, according to a report published Wednesday by research firm Mintel.

The drop was attributed to the #METoo movement, a movement that is challenging the sexual misconduct allegations against men in the entertainment industry.

The magazine industry has faced a backlash for the alleged harassment and assault of female journalists, actors and other employees in the past year.

The industry has been rocked by the Harvey Weinstein scandal, with the allegations against the movie mogul coming to light earlier this year.

But sales fell by 2.5% last year to 6.3 million.

Sales for the next-biggest market, men’s fashion, rose by 1.9% to 8.9 million, while the men’s lifestyle category fell by 1% to 5.9 millon.

Men’s fashion is a major growth driver for the magazine industry, with nearly 60% of the overall sales of men’s magazines.

The next-largest market for men’s clothing is women’s, which accounted for about 27% of all magazine sales last year.

In the men and boys’ category, sales fell 1.5%.

The next two biggest categories for men were women’s shoes, which rose by 2% to 7.6 million and men’s and girls’ clothing, which fell 2.2% to 3.6 millon, according the Mintel report.

A separate report released by Mintel on Wednesday found that women and girls have been affected by the #metoo movement, which encourages people to come forward to report sexual assault and harassment.

About 8 million people have signed an online petition calling on President Donald Trump to rescind the Emmys and other awards that are given to women.

The Women’s Emmys, a gendered award show that traditionally honors women in television and film, were created in 1988.

The Emmys have long been a bastion of entertainment, with awards for women in music, acting and comedy, among other categories.

The new report found that the #metoo movement has impacted women in other industries, too.

Men and boys have been the main victims of sexual assault in the workplace and are more likely to experience sexual harassment or assault in their personal lives, according an Emmys spokesperson.

The trend is likely to continue because it is a global phenomenon, the spokesperson said.

In August, a woman sued the show’s producer, NBC, alleging that she was harassed by an actor who used her appearance on the show as a way to get a rise out of her.

The suit alleged that the actor made inappropriate comments, including saying that she had “the most beautiful boobs in the room.”