‘I’ll make you a tattoo’

A man has posted a link to an article about tattooing, claiming he will make you one.

The article, titled ‘How To Tattoo My Daughter’ claims that it will be a tattoo.

It begins with a picture of a woman with a face mask on.

“What do you want me to do?” the man asks in the title.

“Make you a beautiful tattoo,” the woman replies.

The man then uploads a screenshot of his daughter’s tattoo.

“This is the last picture of my daughter.

It’s a beautiful piece of art, you know?” the woman says.

The woman then asks the man what the tattoo will be.

“I’ll give you the best tattoo I can make,” the man says.

“Then I’ll tattoo it,” the mother replies.”OK.

OK,” the father replies.

Later, the father says: “It’s your baby,” before leaving the room.

A woman, who claims to be a mother, asks for her child’s tattoo, which the man responds by saying he will give her a tattoo as well.

The mother replies: “That’s OK.

That’s just me,” before exiting the room.”

I don’t have any problem with tattoos, she said.

I just have a problem with them,” the husband says in the article.”

You need to go and get the tattoo first,” the wife says.