How to get the perfect Taurus G3 Mag for your Ruger® 15-22 16-24 & 24/7 pistol

Taurus® G3 magazine carriers are now available in the U.S. & Canada for $49.99.

The G3 is one of the most popular and versatile pistols in the market.

In fact, the Ruger G3 mag is still available to buy & sell on the black market, although it is still a rare item.

The magazine comes in three sizes to suit most shooters.

The standard size is the 32-round (2.5-inch) capacity, the 32mm (1.75-inch), the 36mm (2 inches) & the 48mm (3 inches).

The 32mm is available in black & tan, or the grey & silver, & the black & blue.

The 32-caliber mag is available on the Rugers site for $39.99 or can be ordered directly through the Taurus website,

The 36mm magazine is $49, the 36-caliber is $69, and the 48-caliber $79.

The 24-caliber magazine is available for $69.99 & will also ship to all major U.K. & Australian gun stores.

It is available only in black.

The Ruger Taurus magazine carriers feature a removable, padded front panel that slides on top of the magazine to securely attach it to the pistol, or can easily be removed and used.

The magazines can also be swapped out at the factory for a different gun by simply removing the front panel.

The Taurus Magazine Carrier is also made in the USA by Taurus, and comes in both Black & Tan & Gray.

The Magazine Carrier comes in a variety of colors, from dark-black to a lighter shade of gray & clear.