New book claims Trump aides plotted with Russian hackers

The Washington Post’s editorial board has published a new book that claims that President Donald Trump’s team plotted with Russia to hack the Democratic National Committee’s computer network during the 2016 presidential election.

“I know of no other information that suggests the president or anyone in his orbit sought to interfere with the election,” the editorial board wrote.

The Post said that the authors, Robert and Mary McGrath, have been critical of the Trump administration and Trump himself for not making public the evidence against him. “

Trump’s team has been caught lying about the nature of the Russian interference, and he has been guilty of making false statements and mischaracterizing evidence.”

The Post said that the authors, Robert and Mary McGrath, have been critical of the Trump administration and Trump himself for not making public the evidence against him.

The two authors, who worked on the Trump transition team, said that they were surprised by the revelation.

“It’s not the way it was portrayed in the book,” Robert McGrath told Al Jazeera.

“This is a new way of looking at this.”

The McGraths, who are both members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, wrote in their book, The Art of the Deal, that Trump was aware that the Russian government was behind the hack of the Democratic party’s computer systems and that Trump’s lawyers and campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, had made numerous requests to the Russian embassy to allow the Russians to examine documents related to the DNC.

The authors said that Manafort had also told his contacts in Moscow that the Russians were interested in the contents of emails that Manafort provided to WikiLeaks.

The Russians eventually complied with the request.

The book says that the Kremlin was also interested in emails that the Trump campaign was allegedly able to hack from Democratic Party computer systems, and that the White House was told about the attempts to hack into the DNC’s computers.

“We were told that the hacking was the result of a hacking group that the CIA believed to be Russia,” the McGraths wrote.

But, they added, “We also knew that Trump had no evidence that Russia had engaged in any interference in the election, and no evidence of a collusion with the Russians”.

The authors have been working on the book since March.

They also told Al-Jazeera that they believed the Trump team knew that the Russia hacking would make it harder for Trump to secure the Republican nomination.

“The Russians have no interest in helping Trump,” Robert said.

“They have no agenda for the election that doesn’t go against the president.

They want to make sure Trump wins.”

In the book, the authors said the White to Trump team was told that they would be allowed to see a trove of stolen emails that WikiLeaks had published from the Democratic campaign.

“As soon as Trump was elected president, he instructed his lawyers, campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, and other senior officials to obtain the hacked documents and provide them to the FBI and the Department of Justice, in hopes of getting an indictment against the Clintons,” the authors wrote.

The Post did not immediately respond to Al Jazeera’s request for comment.

The McGraths wrote that Trump knew the Russians had attempted to hack Democratic campaign emails and that he did not care because he believed the Russians could be “saved” by his campaign and his allies in Congress.

“He did not consider his own team or his allies, who were loyal to him, to be trustworthy,” they wrote.

Robert said that Trump would have “been a fool” to believe that the FBI, which had been investigating the DNC hacks, would not have gone after the Russians if the Russians wanted to intervene in the presidential race.

The New York Times and The Washington Examiner both published stories on Thursday alleging that the President’s campaign and some members of his inner circle knew about the hacking attempt.

“All of us are deeply shocked that the news media and Democrats would treat a mere allegation that one member of President Trump’s campaign may have been compromised by Russia with the presumption that the campaign had colluded,” Robert wrote.

It is unclear how much of the book is based on the McGrathses book, and it is not clear if the McGrathys will make their claims in court.