New York Magazine ‘s editor-in-chief will retire

New York magazine has announced the immediate retirement of its editor-individually and as part of a strategic plan to focus on expanding the magazine’s reach outside the U.S. The decision follows the publication of a feature on the history of women in science and technology.

The magazine also plans to invest in new content in the coming months.

The new president of New York, Anna Erskine-Bahlburg, said the move would be made on March 6.

Erskaar-Bollesberg said she and editor-at-large John Martin were “deeply committed” to the magazine, and the two women were in talks for a new position.

“We will continue to be the first and only publication of its kind in the United States, and will continue with our mission of helping women understand the impact of science and engineering careers,” she said.

Erika Smith, the magazine has not yet announced any new hires.