Hungarian banks offer $2,500 coupon for €500 in cash

Hungary’s biggest banks have offered to lend a $2.5 million ($3 million) cash payment to anyone willing to send €500 to the family of a Hungarian man who drowned in a river during the World Cup, the country’s biggest bank announced on Thursday.

The banks said in a statement they have received the offer from the Hungarian government, which has been pushing the government to provide financial support to the grieving family.

The offer is for a sum of €500, the statement said.

The offer comes amid rising international tensions following the death of an 18-year-old who drowned while playing in the Mediterranean in July 2016, as well as an investigation into the safety of Hungary’s soccer stadiums, where thousands of spectators watched the World Cups in Germany and France.

The families of the two men who died on July 7 said the offer was the best way to get answers.

A family spokesman, Péter Szentz, said the family wanted the bank to provide the €500 “so they can bury their son in Hungary.”

He said the money was meant to go to a “special fund” to support the family’s costs, including the costs of cremation and burial.