Why I bought an iPhone 5S instead of a Galaxy S5

I was a bit surprised to find that the iPhone 5s wasn’t a good phone for me, but I’m happy to say it wasn’t the worst. 

I was disappointed that the Galaxy S6 Plus wasn’t an iPhone clone, but the iPhone 6 Plus wasn- it was pretty good.

I’m not one for the iPhone but the Galaxy 6 Plus was the better of the two, and I’ll be looking to pick up the iPhone next year.

I didn’t have a ton of time to wait for an iPhone 6s review so I’m going to take a few days to get through all the great new iPhone 6 models. 

So if you’re a fan of the iPhone series, and want to see what all the fuss is about, be sure to check out this great article on how to pick the right phone, and you can also check out some iPhone 5-related tips on this site.