MTV’s ‘Glamour’ Gets a New Series and a New Logo

MTV is rebranding its music channel “Glam” to “Grammar” and has also announced that the channel will move to a new name.

The new name is expected to launch in 2018.

The brand will be rebranded as “Gravitational,” and will focus on music, TV, movies and video games.

“We are announcing the rebrand and launch of our brand new network of award-winning music videos,” MTV said in a statement.

“Glim is the brand’s flagship music channel and the channel is known for its bold, distinctive style and the high-quality content it produces.”

“Glim has become one of MTV’s most important and respected brands, and we are excited to announce this brand new brand of entertainment, which will take its rightful place alongside the brands that have brought us so much great content,” the statement continued.

“We’re so confident in the brand that we’re giving Grammar the chance to shine once again.”

“We’re excited to bring Grammar to life once again,” MTV added.

“In 2018, we are announcing that Grammar will become a brand new, more diverse and diversely-themed brand that will focus exclusively on music and entertainment content.

The Grammar brand is an incredibly important part of MTV and we know that Grammer fans have come to expect the brand to be the one to break new ground and take on the industry’s most challenging new content challenges.”

Gramma has been under pressure since the fall of 2015, when former MTV president David Burt resigned over sexual misconduct allegations, and the network’s parent company, 21st Century Fox, pulled its ads from the channel.

In 2016, the channel said it would be closing its remaining digital platforms, including YouTube, and would shift its content to its live and online channels.

The new name has been widely criticized for the network being too “glam” and for not being as “serious.”