Australian woman jailed for murdering her father’s girlfriend

A woman has been jailed for the murder of her father-in-law’s girlfriend after her father claimed she threatened to kill him and his wife.

Key points:Marion McVeigh’s family say they are “saddened and heartbroken”The judge has said she was remorseful of her actionsThe court heard she was drinking when she killed her father and his partner, who she had dated for six yearsShe had been drinking at her home at the time and went into the bathroom to wash her face after having sex with a man, the ABC reports.

Marion Mccveigh’s father, Brian McVeigles, said he had been a victim of a “witch hunt” and his family was “sad and heartbreak”.

“It’s a very tragic situation,” Mr McVeigs said.

“I have been the victim of this witch hunt from the very beginning.”

A NSW court heard the pair were married for six months before they separated and Ms McVeigeigh was the carer of their son.

She killed her husband, James McVegan, in his car in May 2015.

Her mother, Marlene McVeieagh, said she had been devastated by her daughter’s actions and that she was trying to “put it behind her”.

“She didn’t know why she did it, it was never her intention,” she said.’

She was a really good mum’Ms McVeegas father told the court his daughter had been “very angry” with her parents after she was taken out of a custody hearing and put into a psychiatric unit in Sydney.

“She was really upset about the way they were handling things, especially because she was a very good mum,” he said.

Ms Mcveigh told the magistrate she had spent time in a residential treatment centre before she killed Mr Mcvegan.

“In the last few weeks, she has gone through some very traumatic things,” the judge said.

Her father said his daughter “had a lot of rage” towards her parents and that “she had no real understanding of what happened”.

She said she wanted to “make them pay for what they had done”.

“I just wanted them to understand I took her from them and I would never harm her again,” Mr MacVeigh said.

The court was told she had had several sexual encounters with Mr McVeegan before she shot her father in his arms.

Her lawyer said she admitted killing Mr Mcveegan and had no previous convictions.

“There was no reason to be upset, she just wanted to hurt him,” Mr McDonald said.