When I was 14, I was ‘sexually assaulted’ by a former high school football coach

The story of a teenage girl’s sexual assault by a school football team coach who was also her coach.

In a story published in the October issue of The Sport, The Sport bible, and The Sporting News, the 15-year-old victim says that when she was 15 years old, she was raped by coach David Bader, a former head football coach at the prestigious South Central High School in Fort Worth, Texas.

The story has been reported on by numerous media outlets including the Dallas Morning News, Fox Sports and KRLD.

It’s the first time an official response to the rape case has been made public.

The Sports Bible says the victim had to be hospitalized for two weeks after the attack because of her injuries.

She told The Sport that the coach, who was coaching football, was “really, really tough on me, and then, like, he started doing weird stuff, like touching my butt, and stuff like that.”

The Sports, which is based in Texas, says the girl was in a car with her mother and brother when Bader arrived at the high school.

He then began to sexually assault her and was eventually expelled from the school.

The Sports says she reported the incident to school officials.

In her statement, the victim says she felt “really bad,” and her parents told her that “she could never have imagined” that her coach would be the perpetrator of such a violent crime.

“They were really like, ‘Well, you should be ashamed,'” she told The Sports.

“They were like, You know, I can’t believe you did that to your teammate.

I know you did it to your girlfriend.”

The victim told The Sporting that she was devastated and wanted to end her own career.

“It really, really hurt me to see people like you doing this to other girls,” she said.

“This is the most painful thing I’ve ever done, to lose someone you love, to be with someone you care about,” she added.

“It’s just really hard, because it’s a huge burden, but at the same time, you have to do what you can to make it better.”

The Sporting says the coach was expelled from South Central, but the school did not officially notify the victim of his or her expulsion.

Bader’s attorney, Robert G. Shabazz, told the Daily News that the girl’s story was a “complete fabrication” and that he would fight any attempt to overturn the coach’s expulsion.

Shacazz told the newspaper that he had contacted the Texas Attorney General’s office to request that the school suspend Bader.

The attorney general’s office declined to comment.

Barkley said in a statement to the Daily Journal that the story “will forever be a stain on my reputation.”

“As a coach, I have been very careful about my words, actions and words of support for victims and survivors,” she continued.

“I have taken responsibility for my actions and sincerely apologize to the victim.

My focus now is on trying to heal and get back on the field as quickly as possible.”

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