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This week’s best stories: Trump threatens to end DACA protections The president said Monday that he will terminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA, if Congress does not end the program by the end of the month.

Trump said that he would terminate the program if Congress fails to act on his request.

In the email, he also threatened to withhold federal funding from states that do not fully comply with the program.

“If Congress fails at this deadline to act, then I will terminate DACA and terminate the protections afforded to Dreamers,” he wrote.

He added that he expects to be able to renegotiate DACA by the summer, when the program expires.

DACA, a program that protects undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children, was created in 2012 as a way to help millions of young immigrants who had been in the country illegally become productive citizens.

Trump has said he would end DACA by June 30, 2020, the date set by Congress.

That date is on a date that Congress would not have to meet in order to renew it, so it is a deadline that many people have said is unrealistic.

“It’s not going to happen by June,” Trump said in a May meeting with congressional leaders.

“I will say that in the next few days.”

The White House on Monday sent out a tweet that was retweeted by the official account of House Speaker Paul Ryan.

“As we await final word from the Senate on DACA, it is important to recognize that President Trump is making a serious decision regarding DACA,” the White House said.

“We’re working hard to make DACA a reality, and we are confident that the Senate will act quickly to enact a DACA reform that gives our children and future generations a pathway to success.”

In a letter to the House on May 8, Ryan called the Dreamers “legitimate recipients of federal relief” and said the program “has proven to be a tremendous success.”

“We are grateful to the American people for their continued support and confidence that DACA will be repealed and replaced with a new program that is better for our economy and our children,” Ryan wrote.

The letter continued, “DACA is a vital tool for thousands of young people who have been living in the shadows and who have come to this country through no fault of their own.

DACA has been an important component of our immigration system for nearly 40 years and it is the law of the land.

We must act now to repeal DACA and protect these vulnerable young people.”