When you think food, what comes to mind?

Rolling Stone is running an exclusive ad for the Rolling Stone Summer 2012 issue that gives you a little insight into the magazine’s new cover.

This is the first time Rolling Stone has ever run a new cover ad, and it’s the kind of campaign that can get a little too close to home.

In the ad, the magazine is showing the cover of its new issue.

It shows a magazine that looks pretty much like what you’d expect it to look like, with the cover featuring a cartoon frog with a big grin on his face, and the word “Summer 2012.”

This is a bit jarring for some readers.

But, it’s a good look at what Rolling Stone magazine is trying to achieve: a serious and serious-looking magazine with serious content.

The issue also features the magazine logo, a familiar look that Rolling Stone fans have come to know and love.

It’s a bold new look for the magazine, which has been on a steady slide toward being more of a lifestyle magazine than a lifestyle brand.

In its past ad, we’ve seen magazine ads that have used the magazine name in a way that could be interpreted as a deliberate nod to a specific person or group.

This ad, however, is the clearest indication of the magazine trying to be more inclusive of the readership it aims to attract.

In the ad’s title, the ad says, “If you love what you read, then Summer 2012 is your summer.”

In other words, if you’re into the idea of eating well, getting fit, and being healthy, then this is your magazine.

But this is also a really big, bold new direction for the brand.

It might be a bit too aggressive, and that’s because the magazine has not really been in a very good spot lately.

In 2014, it was down more than 30% from the previous year, and its shares have dropped to a mere 2.5%.

In 2017, the company was in even worse shape, down more then 50% from last year.

It still has plenty of room to improve, and as I wrote about in this article, the problem is that its readership is actually shrinking.

It lost nearly 60% of its audience over the past five years, which was a significant drop for a magazine with an annual readership of around 4 million.

In 2017, readership dropped by more than 70% among millennials, who make up about a quarter of the US population.

Millennials are not exactly the kind who would be interested in a lifestyle publication that would feature ads that seem to focus on them.

And so, this is a tough spot for the company.

The brand needs to try to make up for lost readership by attracting new ones, and this new look will do that.

The Rolling Stone ad is actually a little more subtle than the previous ad, in that it features a bunch of other magazines with similar branding.

The ad also shows the magazine in a more neutral light, where it’s not showing off the company’s latest ads, but rather, showing the magazine as a whole.

This can be seen in the magazine title, where there’s a picture of the ad that shows the Rolling Stones logo and a picture showing an image of the brand’s website.

The ads are actually pretty subtle, but they do add up to a nice look.

The new look brings a bit more personality to the brand, but it’s also a step in the right direction.

It’s not clear whether the new look has been designed by or sponsored by the company, but this ad does look pretty cool.

The ads look to be the result of a collaboration between Rolling Stone and ad agency Ogilvy & Mather.

I’ll let you know if I get any more details on that later.

Rolling Stone, in case you’re wondering, will have the ad running on its site, on the magazine covers, and on the ads themselves.

But if you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the brand ad below, which shows you how the magazine looks to its readers.