When a family finds out it’s a mom and dad who got killed in a car crash

The mom who’s killed in an SUV accident while riding her son’s bike is getting grief from her family.

 The family is devastated that they lost a mother and a dad who was an amazing mother and dad, but they’ve also been inspired by the news and have been sharing their story with friends.

Their story is not over yet.

A friend who works at a small auto parts shop is one of the people sharing their tragedy on social media.

We’ve been very supportive of the family and have spoken with them individually to understand the emotions that we’re experiencing.” “

We know they’re not ready for a funeral, but we want them to know we care.

We’ve been very supportive of the family and have spoken with them individually to understand the emotions that we’re experiencing.”

Read more: The mom’s husband and two kids are recovering at home, but her mother is doing well and will be home with them in a few days, the friend said.

It’s not clear how many other people in the family are impacted by the accident.

This is the third death of a mom in the past two months in Michigan.

An 18-year-old man and a 19-year of age girl were both killed in May.

They were both riding their bicycles on a lakefront property in Portage, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) northwest of Detroit.

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On the other side of the world, the father of a 12-year old boy who was killed in March by a driver who veered into the path of a school bus in England is also recovering at his home.

At the same time, the mother of a 16-year boy who died in April after his truck overturned in an industrial park in the Netherlands was also recovering from surgery to remove a blood clot from her lung.

And a man who died after his vehicle went off a cliff and into a canal in southern Thailand was a teacher and the father to a 12 year old girl who had just started kindergarten.

As the news of the crash spread, the family was overwhelmed with support.

Here’s a sampling of the comments on the Facebook page that shared the family’s story.

Dear Friends and Family, I want to share this story with you.

My husband, dad and I are both devastated by the loss of our mother and father.

She is a loving, caring, loving person.

She was an incredibly dedicated mother and daughter.

We have no idea how this happened and I want to let you know how my family is dealing.

I am not saying anything else to let everyone down.

I just want to tell you the story of how we feel as people and as parents.

Sincerely, Danielle Read the entire Facebook post.

More than 200 people shared the story on the family-friendly news website WXYZ-TV.

Several people shared photos of the aftermath.

ABC News reports that some people have already started to clean up the accident scene.

Some were so upset they had to be rescued.

Others are doing what they can to help their loved ones.

Watch ABC News’ full report.