The Rise of the Female Gamer

By Stephanie Grisham The Associated Press – FALL RIVER, N.Y. (AP) Women have a greater interest in games than ever before, but there are still some stereotypes that hold back their participation, and a handful of games still do not cater to their needs.

The female gamer is often portrayed as a solitary, nerdy woman, a self-proclaimed nerd who is usually playing for fun and not for the purpose of social justice.

But the women who play video games, whether they play solo or with friends, say their interest is genuine and they have a strong sense of identity.

Gamers also say they feel they are getting more of an opportunity to shape the gaming landscape.

“The women who do play games are in it for the long haul,” said Erin Gilbert, 27, who studies gaming and digital media at SUNY Upstate College in Syracuse.

“They are not looking to get into the industry for the sake of getting into the game.”

For the women interviewed by The Associated