How to make your children feel happier and healthier in the new ‘boy life’ magazine

The UK’s first magazine for children featuring images of boys, is on sale for £4.99.

The magazine features illustrations and photographs of boys and girls in their 20s, 30s and 40s, with a special section on ‘girl-power’ and a section on what is expected of girls in school.

The covers are by acclaimed illustrator and writer Rebecca Rea.

They are the first children’s book published by the magazine, which was launched last month.

Rea’s images of girls are inspired by a young boy in her school in New Zealand, who is described as “beautiful” and “a wonderful person”.

“I was fascinated by the way that he was able to look at other people, and to be able to relate to them, even in his own eyes,” she said.

“I wanted to try to create a way for boys to be connected with other boys in a positive way, so I thought of this image of a boy that I drew.

It was about a boy who’s looking for the right people to be with, so he can be accepted.”

The book also features a selection of images from the latest issue of Boys magazine, published last week, which features pictures of boys from all walks of life, including girls.

In its current format, the Boys magazine contains articles on life and career, friendship, sports and music.

The cover features a young girl dressed in a blue top and white skirt, with her hands on her hips.

In the next section, an illustration of a young man is shown with his hands behind his back, his knees bent and his head bowed.

This image of the ‘boy’ is the focus of the book, which covers topics such as relationships, friendships and family.

The book is available to order at for £2.99 or by clicking here.