A new generation of VR is here—but only for those who have a lot of cash

A new wave of VR headsets is now coming to the market, with a new generation featuring the latest and greatest technology.

In a recent interview, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey discussed the technology, including how it would impact the industry.

It’s a conversation that we’re happy to have.

We’re looking to bring it to as many people as possible, to have people use this new technology to see what they want, to be able to do what they’re trying to do, and to make this experience the best it can be, so we think it’s a really exciting time.

It opens up the possibilities for people to do amazing things, and I think it will be very exciting to see how the VR ecosystem evolves.

But the company’s most recent project, Surfer, isn’t the only new project in VR to hit the market this year.

The company is also launching a new game called Surfer 2, which will be playable on the Oculus Rift’s Touch controllers, according to Luckey.

The Surfer sequel will include more than 40 VR-related features, including new weapons, new environments, and a new “bio-mechanical system” that can create realistic-looking characters.

Surfer 2 will also be compatible with the company the Oculus Touch controllers and Touch controllers with the Oculus Pro Controller.

The game’s trailer shows an astronaut who is strapped into a space suit and has his hands on a gun that shoots laser bolts that can destroy the suit’s outer shell.

“If you have enough firepower, you can destroy it,” he says, and the game features new weapons including “trenchblades” and “sledgehammers.”

Luckey says the game will be “completely open world.”

The announcement comes just days after the Oculus VR team announced Surfer was getting a VR version of its own game.

The Oculus Rift version of the game, called Surfing with the Surfer team, is expected to be available later this year, and it will support VR headsets like the Oculus Gear VR.

The new VR game, which was originally announced back in May, will be made by a different team and will focus on the game’s VR elements.