Which magazines do you like to read?

Fox News asked readers which magazines they like to “read and what they’d like to see changed.”

They also asked readers if they’d be willing to pay $100 to see “new stories and information” in their magazines.

The survey found readers are split over which magazines are “most influential” and which “have the most impact.”

Fifty-seven percent said they’d “definitely” like to be able to see news, and 51 percent said that magazines like USA Weekly and Harper’s are the ones that are “the best for me.”

Fifty percent said the New York Times is the best for them.

In a separate survey, 59 percent of readers said they would be willing pay $10 or more to see articles about a “top news story of the day,” which includes news stories from other outlets.

Only 41 percent said those stories would be “not worth my time,” while 42 percent said it would be worth their time.

Readers also said they’re “mostly” or “mostly not” interested in “new” magazines, as opposed to the “old” magazines.

Fifty-nine percent of respondents said they “mostly/mostly” would be interested in seeing articles from magazines that aren’t owned by Fox News, while 41 percent of them said they were interested in reading articles about “new things and information.”

Fox News asked the survey participants a series of questions, including “How often do you read a magazine?” and “Do you read the newsstand?”

“I’m a very picky reader.

I like to know what I’m getting into and what I need to know,” said Jessica Korn, a 30-year-old freelance writer and self-described “frugal” reader.

She added that, “The idea of a free, unlimited subscription to magazines I don’t want to read is just crazy.

But if it’s free, I’d do it.”

Korn said she’s not sure if she’d pay to see a news story, but said, “If I had the money, I could do that.”

FoxNews.com asked readers whether they would want to see content in their newsstand, whether they’re interested in having a new magazine or a “new idea.”

Fifty per cent of readers responded that they’d rather “see content in my newsstand,” while 50 percent said “I’d be interested.”

Seventy-one percent of participants said that they “don’t mind having a magazine on my news stand, but if I have to pay, I’m willing to take that cost.”

The survey was conducted in September.