New ‘Sleuth’ magazine reveals its secret ingredient

The newest edition of Skeptical Science Magazine is available online.

The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe was published in January and is a free, online, quarterly publication with a focus on the scientific process, the scientific method, and science fiction.

It was launched to a crowd of journalists and academics who had not previously read the magazine.

It has now become the world’s first monthly newsletter to feature a full article by a single author.

This is not the first time Skepticism has been published online.

In 2011 the magazine launched the Skeptic’s Guide to Physics, a guide for readers to learn about quantum physics.

It has since expanded to include more books and articles on science and maths, as well as a monthly magazine, The Skepticon, and an online community for the scientific community.

Skeptics’ Magazine has been an influential source for Skepticons, an online publication that brings together people with differing opinions on topics such as conspiracy theories, climate change, and religion.

“Skepticism has always been about questioning the established view, and that’s what the Skeptic’s Guide aims to do,” editor-in-chief Dr Stephen Folan said.

“The aim is to bring people together who share a shared interest in science and the natural world, so that we can all work together to achieve common goals.”

The magazine is published online and available for download from the publisher’s website.

Skeptic’s Magazine is a weekly newsletter that features an interview with the author.

“A lot of our readers are interested in learning about the world and what we know and what they can find out about it,” Dr Folan told the BBC.

“They’re interested in having a look at the latest scientific research.”

And of course they’re interested to see what the mainstream press has to say about it, whether they’re good or bad, so they can get the latest information.

“There are other things they may want to know about too, such as the latest science in the field, and there are people who may want us to talk to them.”

Skeptical Science is a joint venture between BBC News and Skeptica.

It is available to subscribe to for just £3.99 per month.