When Vanity Fair magazine will publish a free subscription to Hot Rod Magazine

The website that Forbes is launching a subscription to will be a free source of news and entertainment for fans of hot rods, automotive models and the like. 

According to Forbes’ press release, Hot Rod is the latest in a line of magazines that will feature original content from the world of hot rod racing.

Forbes said that the magazine will feature the cars of the likes of Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt Jr., James Hinchcliffe, and other legendary racing drivers. 

“Hot Rod is our latest offering from our longstanding commitment to covering the latest trends and trends in the hot rod world,” Forbes said in a statement.

“We are very excited to bring the very best of the past in a free and exciting digital experience for our readers.”

Forbes will also offer access to its archives for those who want to dive in and read about the past, with features like photos, videos, and audio from past races and discussions with the drivers themselves.

Forbes will continue to make content available on the website, and will have the option to host a video series featuring Hot Rod magazine editors and other staff. 

The launch comes on the heels of Forbes’ acquisition of a stake in the popular automotive news and content site The Drive, which Forbes has said it plans to run for at least a few years. 

This is Forbes’ third subscription to the Hot Rod brand.

Forbes launched the brand in 2001 and has since been a leader in automotive news, including the recent launch of the first in-depth look at the Ford Mustang.

Forbes has also published several automotive magazines, including Hot Rod and Auto Club.

Forbes recently hired former NASCAR driver and NASCAR analyst Ryan Newman as its chief content officer.